Best Video Conference Tools for Businesses in 2020


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Best Video Conference Tools for Businesses in 2020 

In the age of technology, various programs have come to market allowing us to connect on a global scale, with the click of a button. Since being named  among Canada’s social media experts by Clutch, we took it upon ourselves to outline what we think are the top 5 videoconferencing tools for businesses in 2020.

Here is our list:


Currently ranked #1 in customer reviews

Easily the most used for a number of different purposes, Zoom offers its clients a video conferencing experience like no other. Zoom is the original software-based videoconferencing technology used around the world. The platform is easy to use and optimized to work reliably. From organizing meetings, video webinars, conference rooms and even phone services, Zoom is a one stop shop for all your needs.

Zoom allows for up to 1000 video participants and 10,000 viewers. It’s no wonder the platform is utilized for everything from marketing seminars, to work meetings and even online teaching.


Millions of people use Skype to chat and call everyday 

Skype, by Microsoft is another great videoconferencing option used around the globe. Skype technology integrates audio and HD video calling, smart messaging, screen sharing, call recording and the ability to call phones (who don’t have a Skype account) for a low and affordable rate.

Skype is readily available for download on all your devices. From your phone, desktop, tablet, Alexa and even Xbox.

Skype allows its users to host a video or audio conference of up to 50 people, while recording the call. Users can enable a live caption and subtitles feature as well.


Professional online meetings 

Another great videoconferencing program is GoToMeeting. Offering a downloadable meeting app, screen sharing, videoconferencing, conferencing calling and free meeting software, make sure to take advantage of the 14-day free trial offered by GoToMeeting!

GoToMeeting allows for up to 250 participants, 25 active HD webcams, calendar integrations (so you won’t miss that call), unlimited recording, screensharing and more.  They even provide downloadable admin reports that track various indicators of the videoconference. A great tool to monitor employee participation and team building!

Workplace from Facebook

Easy videoconferencing 

Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with the Facebook messenger app, which also allows for video chat. However, another feature that not everyone knows about is Workplace by Facebook.

This feature allows the user to make an HD videocall with the touch of button and can connect up to 50 people.

Workplace offers features like workplace chat, video conferencing, group conferencing, a live news feed, organizational charts, live video and an auto translate feature.

With the free trial for 30 days, this is another great videoconferencing technology that employers and other professionals must test out!


A great tool for social media influencers 

Another great videoconferencing technology is Instagram Video Chat. Through the direct messaging feature, participants can video conference directly off the Instagram app with up to 6 participants. Although much smaller in scale than the other apps we reviewed, Instagram is a tool utilized by many social media influencers and this feature provides them a way to connect with each other and their followers.

The feature is easy to use and most importantly – free! 

Written by Jade Levitt

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