Social Media 55 & Eric Lister go into Writing Partnership Agreement

  • May 23, 2018
  • By: Admin
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Brands need content, lots of it, at top quality, and to produce that content takes massive amounts of time and energy; this is where a guy like Joseph finds his home. His company, found at, has quickly become an industry leader, helping hundreds of businesses promote the things they do, who they are and how they can provide value to people’ lives. It’s ranked one of the top social media agencies according to Clutch, and Eric knew this to be the case. Writing is a passion for the 24 year old based in Southern Alberta, Canada, but as any writer knows, work can be hard to come by. With 5+ years of experience in magazines, online publications and various business’ blogs, Mr. Lister had built up a small portfolio, but was very hungry for more. He writes persistently for his own personal project, CanadaSTRONG, which has a goal of bringing to light important issues, people, thoughts and ideas to make the country he loves and calls home an even better place than it already is. But If you want to be one of the top writers in Canada, you need published work to back it up, and after literally hundreds of emails sent, he found a niche in social media, and an opportunity in Joseph Rothstein. Eric is vivacious, and full of ambition…Joe’s energy matched that, and after some discourse and work exchanged between the two, it seemed to be a good fit. Objectives can be hard to define, but the two industrious personalities seem to have their sights set. To bring forth to each other work and clientele that best maximizes their skills and energy to produce content unrivalled in the public domain. To exploit the needs for the services they provide, by making themselves known and working off each others strengths, compensating for one another’ weaknesses. It’s a partnership with the long term in mind, and they want to talk to you today: To reach Joseph & Social Media 55, you can call: 1-844-633-4255 Visit their website: Or email them at: Visit his website: Or email him at: Written by: Eric Lister