Social Media 55 A Growing Social Media Company

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Q - What does your firm specialize in?
Because of the high demand for social media services, many players have entered this market niche without necessarily having a defined expertise in this domain. A parallel can be drawn to the construction industry where a specialist in foundations does not necessarily have the architectural expertise to build an entire infrastructure.
Q - Who are your clients and can you lead me to links you work on.
This sets the stage to their practice, providing a birds eye view on how relevant they are to your business.
Q - What strategies would you implement for my business?
This provides an understanding of how they communicate their solutions and a window to their user-friendliness.
Q - What do you charge for your services and how competitive are you?
This provides their scope of engagement and how they justify billing.
Q - How long are your contracts ?
Q - Do you work with influencers and how may they impact my brand exposure?
Influencers are people or companies that have a substantial and engaged following of fans/consumers that they may direct to your product.
This area has become a booming business connecting millions of consumers to products.
Some work for barter in exchange for services while others work for a fee.
Social Media 55 will connect you with these important middlemen as part of the program.
This department is made up of two divisions:
A) Brands
B) Influencers
These are paired for maximum results.
We can connect your brand with influencers with an amassed 50+ million followers.
Our influencer division allows influencers and micro influencers to register with Social Media 55. The service we provide influencer is complimentary brands products. Along with pay for posting, live stories and other forms of shoutouts. We do qualify all of our influencers to ensure our brands are choosing only high quality networks.
Q - People ask if they should market their product before its ready?
Brands take time to develop, jump start your brand awareness. Start marketing the moment you're ready to start telling your story. It's never too early to start that momentum. Search engines take time to crawl the data, so give the internet time to populate.
Q - How important is video content?