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Case Studies

You’ll often hear about them in passing or referenced during a marketing pitch, case studies. In short, consider case studies to be an amalgamation detailing the development of a particular product, group or case over a determined period of time. Case studies are very helpful when trying to uncover and assess a method or process analytically.

As with any product, there are often various types of case studies that a company may elicit when developing a case study.

At Social Media 55, we’ve had the good fortune to have worked with some of the largest brands in countless verticals. Alongside our corporate partners, we’ve developed a vast archive of case studies that illustrate the most effective and efficient business strategies of the 21st century.

Here are some of the various types of case studies our team has developed:

Explanatory Case Studies : These sorts of studies focus on the explanation aspect of a company’s progress and results.

Intrinsic Case Studies : When developing these sorts of cases, we will often focus our attention on the subject at hand as the primary source of interest.

Often used to showcase how companies have used a brand’s product and/or service, case studies illustrate how customers may benefit from the usage of a brand’s product or service. In other words, case studies offer consumers a chance to witness or experience first hand how a product and/or service can be used.

Storytelling through case studies : Some brands require the need for a more animated explanation of their product or service, a written description on a webpage may not cut it in the growing competitive landscape of business nowadays. As humans, we are hardwired to storytelling. At Social Media 55, our copyrighters have studied the art of storytelling to better equip our clients with the resources and eloquence to accurately express every facet and urgency of their brand’s highlights.

Customer-focused studies : The very best cases place the customer in the driver’s seat of a brand’s product/service experience. It has been our experience that the very best product rollouts endure constant changes and enhancements. Growth pains are a vital part of a brand’s germination and documenting the cycle of progress is best achieved through the use of case studies.

However, as compelling and engaging your aggregated case study data may be, you’ll need more than stats and bullet points to maximize the benefits of a case study branding strategy; you’ll need quotes and testimonials.

The best stories in the world personify the imminent conflict between a hero and a villain. At Social Media 55, we’re your perfect sidekick. As we see it, your brand or products and/or services were created to resolve a particular hardship for your clients. Our staff of digital marketers, graphic designers, copywriters, and account managers are equipped with the resources and skills to position your company and brand as the hero in your branding and marketing strategies.

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