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A hot topic in the digital marketing industry is none other than Social Media Influencers. So who are they? What do they do? How can we determine the right influencer for our client’s brand? Why in the world should you care? These are all very valid and important distinguishing questions a professional looking to leverage the power of social influence should be asking, but the real questions become — who do you trust to deliver the results you need?

So who are they, let’s start there. 
Social Media influencers are people who have a vast audience of social followers. Similar to an HSN type of influence where the television network would bring together great personality hosts and push a product on national television as a sales channel, social influencers have learned to leverage their own social channels. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, etc and the like to harness the loyal following to buy a suggested or recommend product or service.

According to an online resource (Global Digital Statshot) in research conducted by We Are Social and Hootsuite, approximately 3 Billion people engage through social media.

Very often, social media users seek out popular accounts or communities to help offer helpful insights or information that may not be privy to the mass market. Social influencers play a very active role in guiding some online consumers in their decision making when it comes to which brands to use and which to avoid.

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Types of Influencers !

Here are a few types of Influencers to consider:

Celebrities : these are social media personalities who have built a loyal following of fans.

Industry experts and thought leaders : these sorts of influencers have mastered the art of authority and possess a community of social followers who consider their suggestions as highly accurate and reliable.

Bloggers and content creators : this group of influencers have earned the respect of their followers due to the content they consistently produce and share.

Micro Influencers : this subset of influencers are typically niche specific and retain a more intimate size of followers. However, don’t be quick to assume that their reach is any less influential than the other influencer types.

Important Tips For Hiring !

When looking to hire a company to tap into the power of social influence, here are some really important tips you should consider and some golden rules we, the Social Media 55 audit team, look for when bringing our clients together with our social media influencer community leaders:

1. We take the time to examine the followers, thoroughly. We make sure the influencers are not biased or one-sided on any particular issue that may compromise your brand’s identity.

2. We look at their engagement. We make sure their posts generate real audience comments or engagement.

3. Verified authenticity of accounts. We have some of the most powerful software and tools to find the most authentic and genuinely influential leaders in the social media influencer world in real time.

4. No Bots, ever! It’s an unfortunate situation, but one that’s very common nonetheless. Too often, in an effort to grow their influence, social accounts will turn to a cheap alternative to increase their online user profile and audience or to move products. They may hire a low priced program in order to generate mass awareness of their offerings, but only to generate low-quality traffic and interest. This is a very quick and bad way to bring attention to your brand or company’s efforts.

Ready For Social Influencers ?

Look, the social media influence realm isn’t a game. This is a strategic play, one that requires that the right influencers are paired with the right brands so that organic growth is possible.

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