Leading the Charts in Influencer Marketing

  • May 23, 2018
  • By: Admin
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This area of digital marketing has become a booming business strategy, connecting millions of consumers to products worldwide. This department is made up of two divisions, which are paired for maximum results:

  • Brands
  • Influencers

Social Media 55 can connect your brand with influencers with an amassed 50+ million followers. The influencer division of Social Media 55 allows influencers and micro influencers to register with the company; in return the company provides them with complimentary brand products. For posting, live stories and other forms of shoutouts, the company pays them as well. “We rigorously evaluate and qualify all of our influencers to ensure our brands are choosing only high quality networks,” Joseph mentions.

Joseph continues saying “We love spoiling our influencers. Whether you’re a local hero, a megastar or just someone with a large strong following, we work to help save you time from searching for companies to partner with.”