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With its main office located in Montreal, Quebec, Social Media 55 has grown and expanded its reach to continue offering cutting-edge services in social media & digital marketing in San Diego, California.

As Canada’s B2B Best Service Provider in 2019, we are a team of highly specialized staff, in social media and digital marketing, expertly covering the journey from design to launch. We cover optimization, retargeting, PPC, social media, email marketing and complementary services – all focused on making your brand shine head and shoulders above your competitors.

As experts, we’ve mastered a process that makes your digital marketing an integral instrument to reach the right audience for your company. If you want to build sharp marketing strategies to achieve and exceed your annual goals, year after year, choose us!

Ask yourself this question – Are you ready to grow and rapidly increase your numbers?

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Who we are

We define ourselves as the ultimate digital marketing and social media management agency with innovative solutions.

This vision has earned us the confidence of companies around the world and some of the most prestigious awards and recognition throughout the years.

We have fostered experience that we have employed in fine-tuning results, success that we want to use to help you to achieve month after month. As experts in digital marketing and social management, we believe you have the capability to push forward excellent ideas for promoting your products and services, but how about carrying on throughout time?

In short, our work consists in making yours easier and better, to make your company grow faster. We communicate proficiently with the right audiences for you, do it in real time and overtime, without you having to lift a finger. What are you waiting for?

What We Do

We focus on a wide range of tailor-made solutions to efficiently match you to your audiences and goals. We use these to take pressure off your shoulders, including the weight of designing and managing your marketing strategies, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

You can choose from our catalogue of options and create your own set of services to run your marketing campaigns. Our solutions are ready to grow, adapt and transport you to new levels of success, properly shaping your interactions, reputation and branding.

If you aren’t so sure about what you need, the way it should work and how to make it work, don’t worry! All you need to do is send your questions and doubts to us, and our specialists will help you to fill in the blanks. It’s easy! Just keep reading and discover more of what we can do for you.

Customizing a business website that compliments your business profile is instrumental in the successful delivery of your brand and service message. All of this is done through the use of innovative ventures that generate traffic and sales.


What We Can Offer

We have all you need in digital marketing under the same umbrella, including advertising, endorsement and management. Our work consists of combining your mission, vision and goals with our experience. In short, we round up your requirements with our experience, to give to your clients the product and service they want.

Contrary to received wisdom, not all roads lead to Rome; at least, not in marketing. We know what works for some companies, does not work for others. However, we have many aces up our sleeves to figure out the precise card you need to boost your revenue goals and social engagement desires.

We raise the stakes from the exact place where everything starts – in content creation, editing and curation, and from there, we design all you need, including landing pages, ads, campaigns, branding strategies and more. Everything is created under the right parameters to ease and exploit your online advertising, and offer social media management.

Our Services

Instagram Engagement Campaign

Nowadays every company needs to nurture healthy social media accounts, and Instagram holds a title of honor. If you want to find your exact place in the vast Internet, then we have the strategies you need to use your Instagram account as part of your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing still remains as one of the most demanded strategies for several purposes. from customer loyalty to brand profiling, Social Media 55 knows what works best. Let yourself be surprised with the most creative and personalized email marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

SEO is the most effective way to convert eventual visitors in loyal customers, and words and images into hard cash. Social Media 55 helps you to rank in the top of search engines in San Diego, California, no matter if you need local or global SEO, site reputation, link building, brand reputation and more.

Pay Per Click - PPC Management

Consoles and paid campaigns seem to be rocket science for many, but not for us. Instead, we use them to rocket your numbers with smart, organized and well conceived pay per click (PPC) system. Boost your Adwords campaigns with local traffic, thought to improve your sales in the local market and further afield.

Content Marketing Services

Your voice and the way your customers identify with you is the first step towards success. Your content must reflect who you are and what you do best, to conquer the right audiences. We have the most creative, sensitive and professional team of writers who can feel you, and translate it to your contents to make them shine.

Social Media Paid Advertising

If you give it a shot by your own, then you will have noticed how hard it can be to run and keep your social media paid advertising. We take all that work off your shoulders, allowing you to focus your efforts on different tasks. Brand awareness, lead funnels, special offers and discounts, all of them need paid advertising to increase your sales, and keep local customers visiting your site.

Branding & Media

Branding & Media are an important part of building your reputation in densely populated places, such as San Diego, California. In such complex and competitive cities, your offer must shine, and the best way to do it is by correctly profiling your own offer. Let us help you to build your reputation through the most effective strategies of branding & media management.

Social Media Management

One of the most delightful tasks for our creative teams is managing social media. With well-thought out approaches embedded into bigger strategies, our team members will give your brands the correct voice and interactions with your target audiences in San Diego, California, and give them the experience they are looking for.

Web Design & Development

From our headquarters in Montreal to your offices in San Diego, our offer remains in the top option in web design & development services in the city. Our teams of developers, designers and writers are versed to swiftly create and boost your websites in the most popular CMS of your preference.