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Artist Marketing

If you’re an artist, your main goal in life is to share your work – hopefully it touches and inspires others, moves them to create themselves, or helps them realize something about life.  The artist’s endeavour is an important one, and while some artists create for themselves, almost every artist wants to possess the ideal life of sustaining oneself by way of their creativity.  If you want to get paid for making art, you can! But first, you have to market yourself and your artistry accordingly.

Artist Marketing is a difficult but well worth it endeavour.  If you want to spread your art, you must first have a strong marketing plan that can accomplish this goal.  This means listening to other artists’ success stories in how they managed to turn a love of creativity into a lifelong career.  Perhaps you’re trying to find more buyers for your work, or simply just trying to expand your audience. Here are the top Artist Marketing tips out there right now – use them wisely!

Q:  What are the top 5 tips for Artist Marketing?

A: 1.  Expand your Audience: it’s incredibly important to expand your market and have your audience extend outside the scene you’re working in.  Whatever art scene fits your work, there are millions of others outside of that scene who would love to see what you create, too. Get involved in different community or business groups and share your work there.  The simple fact of the matter is that everyone loves and appreciates art, so share your work as much as possible!

  1. Social Media is your friend!  Interacting with people from around the world is the surest way to expand your audience.  Set up your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and anything else you believe you can use to promote your work.  Start showing visuals of your work, with little blurbs explaining what it is and why you made it. You’ll surely start to gather fans who will be tuning into your pages for updates and insight into your creativity.
  2. Express Yourself:  People want to know what drives an artist to create, and what’s behind the painting, piece of music, sculpture, and so on.  Providing detailed accounts of why you made the art you created will definitely tune your fans into what you’re doing, and probably expand your audience as well.  That personal touch really does go a long way.
  3. Begin a newsletter:  This is a step that should happen once you’ve already collected a small amount of great fans.  Newsletters and mailing lists are the most important marketing tools – did you know that people check their emails at least once a day?  That’s a direct line right into somebody’s mind, and people will surely love to see your artwork pop up in their inbox. You can also start a blog for your fans to follow, but make sure to send out emails and updates about this so they don’t miss new posts!

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  1. Create a community:  Great art creates communities.  This is also part of a great marketing strategy.  The more you feed and encourage your fan base, the more you let them into your process, the greater the group you will create with your art.

Q:  What are the best Artist Marketing tools out there for beginners?

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Email

Q:  What are the biggest mistakes artists make when trying to market their work online?

A:  1.  Not Marketing:  Marketing is a crucial element of any business process, and make no mistake about it, your art can be your business!  But the first step is that you must begin the marketing process.

  1. Not Building a Mailing List:  Building a mailing list is one of the most crucial marketing tools you can possibly utilize.  Make sure your fans give you their email addresses somehow – sometimes providing a little incentive (a shout out on your page, or a discount on purchasing your work) works wonders here.
  2. Making it hard to buy your work:  Your fans should be able to purchase your work easily.  Make sure that your pages make it extremely clear as to where and how fans can buy your pieces!

Ready For Artist Marketing?

Artist Marketing is an essential way to increase your work’s online presence.  Make sure you include marketing as part of your promotional campaigns for any products you have and want to see flourish in the marketplace!  The right Artist Marketing strategy can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence and increasing the demographic and purchases for your works! Be sure to learn more about Artist Marketing today!

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