Facebook Marketing

Leveraging the Power of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is definitely not new, and almost everyone who’s used it is familiar with its marketing aspect.  However, not everyone is familiar with its marketing strategies, and more importantly, the very special tools it provides to those looking to expand their presence in the marketplace.  10 years ago, Facebook entered the scene, and since then, a lot has changed in terms of what it can provide as a tool for business owners, artists, innovators and inspirational thinkers.  All of these have one thing in common – the need to market to a widespread audience. Facebook can help.

Facebook currently has 1.56 billion daily active users.  That alone is an amazing feat – it means that should you market your product wisely, this is a major part of the world you can tap into.  20% of the world’s population is nothing to sneeze at, so when considering marketing your business or product, be sure to include Facebook Marketing in your business plan!  

Q: What makes Facebook so special?  Do I really need to include it in my marketing strategy?

A:  Besides having that 20% of the world logging on daily, the average user spends almost an hour a day on Facebook.  This means that 7% of someone’s day is spent with their eyes searching Facebook for information or content that could excite them or add to their life somehow.  If your business can do this for its consumer, then using Facebook as a marketing tool is a prime starting point for your marketing plan.

Q: What do I need to know about Facebook Marketing?

A: First thing you need to know is you must set up a Facebook page!  Setting up a Facebook Page for your business is really easy. See below for the steps to setting up a Facebook page.


10 Steps to Set Up a Facebook Page:

  1.  Create your Facebook Page
  2. Add photos
  3. Add a description of your business, product or statement
  4. Create a username for your Page
  5. Add your Page to Shortcuts
  6. Set up your Page roles
  7. Customize your notifications
  8. Add a Page Call to Action
  9. Organize your Page tabs
  10. Verify your Page

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The most important step in this process is the Page CTA – the Call To Action.  If you’re selling a product on your Facebook page, that means your buyer’s journey doesn’t end on Facebook itself.  What you want them to do is click through to your website where you’re selling. This means your CTA needs to be clear, persuasive and to the point.  Facebook allows Pages to have a call-to-action button at the top of the business’s page. You can select which button you’d like people to see – this is your call to action, calling the buyer or potential client to act now.

Facebook Marketing is an essential way to increase your brand’s online presence.  Make sure you include Facebook Marketing as part of your promotional campaigns for any products you have and want to see flourish in the marketplace!  The right Facebook Marketing strategy can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence and increasing the demographic and purchases for your products! Be sure to learn more about Facebook Marketing today!

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