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Fashion Marketing

Digital marketing is crucial for any fashion brand.  Distinguishing your brand from all the rest is a critical and necessary point to make in the business marketplace.  Fashion Marketing should be your primary area of focus if you have a brand and want it to stand out and make a statement.  Increasing brand awareness now starts in the digital world, online. The effects of the interweb are powerful and have very real effects on tangible outcomes like money, and intangible elements like popularity or cachet.  Online brand awareness should be easily trackable and will provide you with great feedback from customers, potential customers, and internet browsers alike.

Q:  What is the ideal goal of fashion marketing?

The ideal goal of fashion marketing: get your product or brand in front of the right audience to increase awareness, buy your products and become what’s called “brand ambassadors.”  Turning customers into brand ambassadors is the ultimate goal for a fashion brand – from that moment on, said customer becomes a symbol for your company, its biggest cheerleader and greatest fan.  They will function to spread the message and contribute to what makes your brand cool.


Q: What are the top tips for increasing brand awareness online?

  • Use Facebook ads to increase awareness: did you know you can build Custom Audiences with facebook?  You can also target Lookalike Audiences to expand your brand’s awareness and reach. You can give audiences discounts after a certain amount of time, and you can generate lots of revenue in sales by doing so.  Facebook is a perfect platform for this kind of advertising – ad management allows the company to really get the most bang for their buck in terms of eyes on their advertisements.

  • Promote on holidays to up sales and capitalize on the times of year when consumers are looking for things to buy: online shopping always goes up during the holidays.  Why not help the consumer along, providing them with what their curious, gift-buying intentions are craving? Give your consumer extra incentive with promotions including discounts and other gift purchases while holidays are on!  Seasonal incentives have been proven to seriously increase revenue coming into a fashion line. Another great part to this process is creativity – get customers involved with your brand in a way that compliments the holidays they celebrate.

  • Create style guides for your consumers: everybody wants a personal shopper.  Why not give your consumer a little nudge by pairing items together to create a look?  Creating looks has been proven to be extremely effective, because what you’re selling is an image, a fantasy, an ideal incarnation, and that’s always a pay-day!  Allow the consumer to see how stylish your company is, and what a great eye your brand has for pairing its key items together into one fabulous wardrobe staple. “Shop the looks” has become something of a must-do for brands partaking in Fashion Marketing – yours should definitely get with this program!

  • Instagram, instagram, instagram: almost everyone shops on instagram nowadays.  Make sure influencers are wearing your clothes – send them care packages and give them incentive to write a post about your pieces.  Create giveaways that will get your consumers involved and participating. Giveaways will also increase the size of your audience, community and demographic.  Use hashtags for items and promotions and create special hashtags for giveaways, too. Instagram campaigns are guaranteed to increase your followers and, most of all, brand awareness.

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  • Create gift ideas based on life events: these include For Him, For Her, Just Married, Honeymoon, Engagement, and so on.

  • Build brand loyalty: keep customers birthdays on file and shout them out on your socials!

  • Start a blog for your brand: people are looking for content to read on the internet.  Why not have your customers read and shop in the same place?

  • Email reminders: these work like a charm for people who have filled up their carts then forgotten about it, or put off the purchase for later.  Little email reminders telling them their cart is still full – don’t forget your faves! – will have them revisiting your site, re-browsing their favourites, and probably purchasing sooner than later.

Ready for fashion marketing ?

Fashion Marketing is an essential tool in increasing your brand’s online presence.  Make sure you include marketing as part of your promotional campaigns for any fashion company you have and want to see flourish!  Fashion Marketing can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence and increasing the customers and purchases your brand experiences! Be sure to learn more about Fashion Marketing today!

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