Franchise Marketing


Franchise Marketing


Every franchise’s main goal is to keep a strong consistent brand in all of its branches. That’s why franchisors set up rules for the use of trademarks and supervise the creation of marketing and advertising campaigns.

Franchise Marketing is all about maximizing the marketing efforts of every branch while making sure the brand stays consistent in every step of the way. This post will give you the best tips on franchise marketing to reach your business’ full potential while also keeping a trustworthy image in the eyes of your clientele.


  • First of all, you have to build a strong identity for your brand. Analyze your target audience and craft both a fascinating story and identity that will capture their attention. Once you’ve got this done, you can create a brand book that’s easy to follow so that each franchisee knows what parameters shouldn’t be overlooked when putting out new local marketing campaigns. 
  • Research the competition. Look into what they’re doing, what channels they’re using, and who their ideal customer is. Analyze if their marketing efforts are successfully increasing their clientele and sales. This will give you an idea of how you should start marketing your own franchise. 
  • Identify each local branch’s Ideal Customer. Your target audience might change depending on their location. Local marketing is extremely effective since it creates a stronger and more personal connection with the client. Once you’ve found your ideal customer per location you can see if your local branch is meeting their needs so that you may start implementing better ways to reach them more efficiently.
  • Have a unique campaign per location. You can market each one of your branches in a different way according to their location. Even though this is a lot more work, it will be worth it when customers start to feel more connected to your overall brand thanks to a successful local marketing strategy. Use content that is relevant to each branch’s ideal customer and give them incentives to spend on your products or services. 

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  • Unite on a website, diversify on social media. It’s common for a franchise to keep its information about all its branches on a single website. Such a platform allows them to neatly organize everything that is related to the brand in a single place, creating a unified front for the franchise. However, when it comes to social media, franchisors can allow their franchisees to run their own social media accounts as long as they follow brand protocols.
    This is effective since having a single social account for an entire franchise can be messy, tiring or even annoying for local customers that just want to be updated on what their local branch is offering specifically. Besides, thanks to social media giving us the opportunity to connect with our audience in real-time, having different accounts per location allows for better customer service.
    When dealing with social media, you have to set up strict controls of what managers can or can’t do on these accounts. Remember that even though you will have different campaigns for different locations, you must carefully manage the brand’s image and reputation on each account.
  • Incentivize word of mouth. Encourage your clients to share their experience with your brand online. Create viral campaigns, set up rewarding programs, do giveaways, and make your locations Instagram friendly so that your customers will want to post pictures of themselves engaging with your brand, etc. Positive word of mouth will always be one of the most effective ways of promoting a business and it should never be overlooked. 


Proper Franchise Marketing can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence and increasing your revenue and conversion rates! Be sure to learn more about Franchise Marketing today!

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