Gaming Marketing

Grow your Game's Popularity by Creating Effective Marketing Strategies.

Gaming Marketing

Video Game Marketing is a hot topic right now, as video games are so predominant within the leisure and technology industries.  With so many great and stimulating games on the market, it is imperative you have a solid gaming marketing strategy that will see you through to your game’s financial success!  The dream of creating a hugely popular game is potentially achievable, but marketing is crucial to the process of reaching this goal. Gaming Marketing strategies should be put in place so that your game can reach its widest and most exciting audience.

Q:  What are the top 10 marketing tools to market a video game?

A:  1.  Game Marketing on Youtube

  1. Game Marketing through Blogging
  2. App Store marketing 
  3. Facebook Marketing
  4. Instagram Marketing
  5. Appearances on Gaming Podcasts
  6. Marketing your game on Reddit
  7. Marketing through positive reviews on websites
  8. Game Influencer Marketing
  9. Email Newsletters & Mailing Lists for Games

Q:  What are the most important marketing tools for gaming marketing for beginners?

A:  1.  Youtube:  Youtube will be your primary source for marketing your game.  Now is the time to set up your Youtube channel. Youtube is the largest earch engine after Google, and so this provides ample opportunity for you to market your game on this site!  Create a trailer, promo video or teaser for your game, and highlight all the exciting parts of it. Amazing graphics and a cool soundtrack will only draw more people to your game, creating potential users and fans.  Make your promotional material engaging, stimulating and thrilling for the viewer and potential gamer!

  1. Reviews:  Reviews are a huge part of your marketing process for gaming.  Competition is extremely high amongst gamers and games, and so great reviews can make your game a hit!  Make sure all necessary information about your game is available to your potential reviewers, so they can create their reviews easily and with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment.  Another Dungeon, Android Authority, Android Guys and Pocket Gamer are all websites that post reviews about major games – GOG and Indie Mega Booth are two sites for indie developers as well.
  2. Influencers:  Influencers rule all when it comes to marketing!  A great influencer with a huge presence can do wonders for your game.  Social media channels are ruled by influencers, and your gamer clientele is definitely tuning in and watching what games their favourite influencers are playing.  Make sure your game is one of them! Give influencers incentive to play your game, and show them how much their contribution to your marketing process would mean to you.

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Gaming Marketing is an essential way to increase your game’s online presence.  Make sure you include marketing as part of your promotional campaigns for any products you have and want to see flourish in the marketplace!  The right Gaming Marketing strategy can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence and increasing the demographic and purchases for your games! Be sure to learn more about Gaming Marketing today!

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