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Marketing Tips for Doctors & Physicians

Marketing For Doctors is a niche area in the realm of marketing that has many positive benefits for physicians in their practice.  A great marketing campaign can do wonders for a doctor, and will certainly provide optimum exposure to patients and clientele. Depending on your area of expertise as a doctor, your marketing campaign should target everyone and anyone who could be a potential client or patient.  However, initial steps for organization and strategy must be taken before launching a full-blown marketing campaign as a doctor! This article will provide you with some insight, tips and tricks that have been used successfully by doctors who want to market themselves to the public.

Q: What do I need TO DO to launch a marketing campaign for doctors?

  • Know your audience:  Define your target audience and clientele.  Are they men? Women? Of what age? With what concerns and health preoccupations?  Get specific about who you’re trying to market your medical practice to. Once you have this information you’ll be able to strategically set up your marketing campaign in the right areas, so that it is seen by the right eyes and needs that you are able to readily meet.

  • Get personal:  What makes you stand out as an M.D.?  After all, there are many doctors practicing.  So what makes you unique? Establish a brand voice and a motivating factor, a practice philosophy that you can advertise to your patients.  Having a philosophy and an identity in the market will allow you to reach people who have similar values.

  • Get online:  As a doctor, online presence is a must.  People will review you online, and search for you online.  Make sure what they find is overall positive and impressive, reflective of your practice and your ideals.

  • Create strong campaign goals:  Developing and setting clear goals for your campaign will enable you to stay on track and hit each landmark you want to pass.  Think of it as a video game – with each success, you get taken to the next level. What business goals do you want to reach? What criteria will you use to decide if these goals have been met?  What tools will you use in this process?

  • Define your tools and budget:  Identify the tools you need to market your business, and make sure to take note of key metrics that will measure their success.  Set a timeframe and strategy for the campaign, and set an overarching goal per campaign (ex: Facebook campaign, Instagram campaign, and so on should each have their own goals).

  • Know that patients are your business: a patient-centered practice is something that every patient can just tell from even one experience inside your clinic.  Make sure your space, office, and clinic is conducive to a positive patient experience, where you put your focus on the patient’s concerns and needs first.  This is a significant part of the marketing campaign and should not be downplayed.

  • Have an engaging social media presence:  You don’t have to tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Vevo, Kik, and so on simultaneously.  Having a great Instagram might be enough for you! It certainly worked for Dr. Evan Antin (@dr.evanantin), who now has not only a successful veterinary practice, but a hugely popular show on Animal Planet as well!  The right content marketing can do wonders for your business.

Q: What are the benefits of marketing for doctors?  Why is marketing something I should invest in as a physician?

  • You’ll increase your opportunity for new patients

  • You’ll increase your brand awareness in the business world

  • You’ll build confidence with new patients by way of the material and how you present yourself to the public

  • You’ll foster loyalty by having a positive referral base and clientele experience

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A recent article published in Forbes by AJ Agrawal outlined that Doctors Must Market Themselves in order to make real progress as both a business and practicing physician.  The key highlights from this article include the following:

  • Potential patients actually research doctors before making an appointment: having a positive client experience shines through by way of your online presence.  A patient is a consumer – someone who’s going to invest in you and expect a certain service and experience.

  • Natural remedies are on the rise: advertising yourself as a medical physician with a strong philosophy is important, because the philosophy behind natural remedies is very present in the marketplace.

  • The existence of WebMD allows patients to make up their own minds about things: be the professional source they turn to when they need a second opinion, after their own.

Q: What are some quick tips for successful marketing as a doctor?

  • Create a website

  • Start a blog

  • Structure an email marketing campaign

  • Pay for Instagram promotion

  • Partner up with local businesses

In conclusion, marketing yourself successfully online can be a great way to establish your presence as a physician in the digital world.  Be sure to learn more about social media marketing today!

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