Instagram Engagement Marketing

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Instagram Engagement Marketing

Instagram is one of the most popular apps on the planet.  While Instagram Marketing is particularly essential, what’s even more important nowawadays is Instagram Engagement.  Everyone wants to have their page engaged with – this is the tried and true sign of a successful Instagram page. Engagement is what matters when trying to understand Instagram and why it’s important – people can like, leave comments, and have discussions in a thread, all under one photo on one page. 

Q:  What do I need to know about Instagram?

A:  Over 13% of the world now uses this platform.  Instagram ads are expected to generate nearly 11 billion dollars in 2019.  This is why so many analysts consider Instagram a prime engine behind growth for any company.  Today, Instagram is a much-loved platform for social media marketers, with over 1 billion monthly users – 50% of which are following brands.  One of these brands could be your business: keep reading.


Q:  What are the main Instagram Engagement tips I need to know in order to maximize engagement on my page?

  1.  Know how often to post a photo
  2. Tell a story: highlight narrative instead of description
  3. Be sure to have a clear branding message
  4. Use video as well as photos for your posts – the higher the quality, the better
  5. Choose the right hashtags
  6. Use SEO to increase traffic on your page
  7. Use Instagram filters and third party apps when necessary
  8. Partner with influencers to create brand authenticity
  9. Host an Instagram contest
  10. Convert your followers on Instagram to email subscribers

One of the most important aspects of these must-know tips is influencer partnerships.  Partnering with influencers is one way brands have blown up on Instagram, reaching heights of fame that would have otherwise been impossible before the app was created.  However, this doesn’t mean you should target celebrities – influencers come in all shapes, sizes and types. See which influencer fits with your brand message – find those perfect individuals that are aligned with your content, output and products.  What you want to look for is their audience, whether their fame is genuine, and whether they themselves interact with their Instagram followers. If they do, their followers will be eager to see what they’re wearing, eating, doing. If you can integrate your product into this landscape, you’ll be happy to see your engagement rise quite quickly on your page as a result of this partnership.

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Instagram Engagement Marketing is an essential way to increase your brand’s online presence.  Make sure you include Instagram Engagement marketing as part of your promotional campaigns for any products you have and want to see flourish in the marketplace!  The right Instagram Engagement Marketing strategy can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence and increasing the demographic and purchases for your products! Be sure to learn more about Instagram Engagement Marketing today!

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