PR (Public Relations)

Build Your Online Audience

PR (Public Relations)

Social media is so ingrained in the success of a business that most don’t realize that it has its roots in traditional communications or public relations. It is about finding your key stakeholders and engaging them in a clear and constructive way to drive traffic and revenue.

As a business, everything you do online, from a Facebook post to an e-blast, communicates to your audience who you are and the value you offer. In a broader sense, digital marketing is a by-product of Public Relations (PR), which aims to cultivate a positive business image and reputation through digital engagements.

We work with clients to build and engage their online audiences. The idea being that you can’t just scream into the empty void of cyberspace and hope that someone hears you. You need to build a comprehensive strategy that considers your audience’s needs.

Part of our strategy is to understand the best platforms for a business to invest time and resources. We look at their target and secondary audiences and decide where we should concentrate our strategy and build a presence. Maybe Facebook makes more sense than Twitter for your law firm. Maybe Pinterest is perfect for an architect whereas a fashion designer’s audience likes to spend their time on Instagram.

It’s about locating your audience, engaging them and helping them understand why you’re a better option than competitors.

Benefits of PR

  • Audience development
    • Every business needs an audience; a group of people from specific demographics to market, communicate and sell to. We can help you develop an audience to create regular touchpoints that results in a larger customer base.
  • Reach a larger audience
    • The quality of what you’re communicating doesn’t matter if it’s not reaching a large enough audience that’s engaged. The best PR lets your business connect with more people and leverage them when needed.
  • Build trust
    • Consumers are intelligent and have options when it comes to forking over their hard-earned money. PR lets you build a brand that people trust, which will pay off big time in the long-term.
  • Influence your audience
    • By letting your audience understand who you are and what value you offer, you can help influence their purchasing decisions. Remember, you’re not without competitors who are trying to accomplish the same goals. You need a communications plan that will prove to your audience that you deserve their business.
  • Reputation Management
    • In this digital age, reputation is everything. Every potential new customer will spend time online trying to determine what your reputation is, and one negative review can torpedo your efforts. You might not even recognize the amount of business you’re missing out on. To be successful, you need a knowledgeable and experienced team working to build your reputation and frame it in a positive way so that consumers feel good about doing business with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs reputation management?

Everyone. Reputation is invaluable to ensuring your business grows and thrives. A good reputation is essential to audience development, creating brand ambassador and fostering loyalty.

Can you remove negative reviews from websites and directories?

You can’t remove negative reviews or posts about your business. What you can do is build a positive reputation online that will push anything negative to the periphery or, even better, to page ten of a Google search.Is PR dated?

In an increasingly digital world, PR might feel like a relic from the past. In its simplest sense, PR is communicating with your audiences (and potential customers) through whatever means they prefer—newspaper, press conferences, social media, review websites or via online media outlets.

The times have changed but the principles and value remain the same.

How do you build a PR strategy?

Any proper strategy takes a comprehensive approach in addition to knowledge, expertise and a touch of creativity. We work with our clients to learn everything about their business and then craft a plan tailored to their needs and goals.

Is PR the same as Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Pretty much. Online reputation management is an unofficial branch of PR that deals specifically with managing a person or business’ reputation with respect to the online world. Many of the same principles of ORM exist in PR and the goal remains the same: to ensure you have a pristine reputation in the eyes of digital users.

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