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Any realtor’s bible TO DO’s before employing a marketing campaign

Real Estate Marketing TO DO’s

Real Estate Marketing is key if you’re going to succeed in the Real Estate world.  If you want your business to get noticed, you must engage in online Real Estate Marketing.  The tips below will provide you with preliminary knowledge, and a path to getting started on setting up your own Real Estate Marketing campaign.

Important To-Dos:

  • Set up social media and build your following!

  • Add your socials to your property pages

  • Be easy to get in touch with

  • Have a memorable business card

  • Use High Definition imagery

  • Create Virtual Tours for your properties

  • Use Pinterest, with a focus on their home decor and real estate sections

  • Have a website that’s mobile friendly

  • Keep in touch with your clients: follow up!

  • Create a referral system that provides incentives for past clients to refer you future buyers

The importance of MOBILE DEVICES:  Did you know that 80% of time spent on social media is done so on mobile devices?  Having mobile-device compatibility on all of your platforms is immensely important.  Make sure your online portals are all compatible with mobile devices in order to maximize your Real Estate Marketing.  Think about it – any client walking into and out of potential real estate will pull up their phone, not their laptop. This is how they’ll be looking into you, your brand, and your company: all via their mobile device.  And while you’re at it, ensuring that your delivery is speedy is a top priority: 47% of people now expect a website to load in fewer than 2 seconds.

Q: How can I develop a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

  • Create a brand or vision statement:  The internet is the first step for a consumer these days when investigating products and services.  The real estate domain is no exception to this rule. In order to have a successful presence in the business world, you must create a website that supports and propels your vision statement forward.  Decide what you want to do, how you’re going to change or add to the business landscape, then create a website and brand that fulfill this agenda.

  • Identify your demographic:  define your target market.  Who are you marketing to? What do they like to do?  What styles, websites, posts do they pander to? What are their interests?  Using all this information will allow you to compile a profile on your target audience and then go from there.

  • Identify and foster your campaign goals:  Developing and setting clear goals for your campaign will enable you to stay on track and hit each landmark you want to pass.  Think of it as a video game – with each success, you get taken to the next level. What business goals do you want to reach? What criteria will you use to decide if these goals have been met?  What tools will you use in this process?

  • Figure out what makes you unique:  This is perhaps the most important step in marketing yourself or your business.  What is it about you that differentiates you, your brand, and your business from everyone else?  What can you offer that others can’t? How does your unique approach to business set you apart in the Real Estate world?  What are the recent pricing, selling and buying trends in the Real Estate Market and how can you develop on, add to, and improve these trends?

  • Select tools and set a budget for your campaigns:  Identify the tools you need to market your business, and make sure to take note of key metrics that will measure their success.  Set a timeframe and strategy for the campaign, and set an overarching goal per campaign (ex: Facebook campaign, Instagram campaign, and so on should each have their own goals).

  • Have engaging content:  This means creating pieces of text, photos, updates and listings.  Make them desirable to look at. Engage with your audience in a meaningful way.  Once you’ve developed a good sense of your target, you’ll already know what they want to look at, and how they want to ingest information.  Take these steps into account when creating content for your campaign.

  • Finally, measure your performance and outreach:  Measuring performance is another important piece of the puzzle.  Once you’ve created an overarching plan, you can then put everything into motion and let your tools do the work.  Measure aspects such as likes, click rate, and so on, focusing on interaction with prospective customers online.

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Q: What are some quick tips for successful Real Estate Marketing?

  • Create a website

  • Start a blog

  • Structure an email marketing campaign

  • Use virtual staging

  • Use drone photography

  • Pay for Instagram promotion

  • Partner up with local businesses

Ready For Real Estate ?

In conclusion, it’s important you run marketing campaigns in the Real Estate world to grow your business and establish your brand’s presence online.  Be sure to learn more about Real Estate Marketing today!

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