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Shopify Services

Shopify’s Services Marketplace is one of the main elements to a successful marketing and Ecommerce campaign.  The truth is, Ecommerce has never been so easy, and Shopify is making it easier with every click of the mouse!  The fact is, Shopify is a great way to sell products, and the platform can also be used to sell other things, like services.  

A service is a non-tangible good that can be defined by selling one’s time and expertise rather than selling an actual physical product.  Service providers can now use Shopify as a destination for marketing, advertising and selling their time and expertise. At its core, Shopify is designed to sell products, and so offering services requires a bit of a workaround of the system – however, the benefits of doing so are quite plentiful, and make Shopify an important asset to anyone marketing their services to the business world.

Q:  What are the top services and service based businesses that can be sold on Shopify?

A:  Copywriting, Accounting, Photography, Design, Video Editing, Training, Consulting, Workshops, Seminars, Creative classes, Personal Shopping Services, Product Setup, Onboarding sessions, Service Appointments and White Glove delivery and assembly services

Q:  As a beginner, what do I need to know about setting up services on Shopify?

A:  To set up your services for sale on Shopify, you’ll be utilizing Shopify’s product management tools.  Your services are the product. Like any other product to be sold, you’ll need engaging imagery and a great description of what your service entails to really hook the buyer or potential client.  The description of your services is key here, as you are providing a non tangible product. You will have to detail your services and what you can do for your potential client in the best, most succinct and simplest way possible.  You can use variants and options when selling your services which include options like letting your potential clients pick from specific dates or times of service, as well as different pricing categories and tiers. This pertains to anyone selling classes, workshops, seminars, and so on.

Q:  What additional tasks come with selling services on Shopify?

A:  Be sure to set up links, order confirmation emails and automated email flows that are in line with the SKUs of your service products.

Q:  What are some limitations to selling services on Shopify?

A:  As Shopify is designed as a product destination, the limitations include information collection, cancellation of services or scheduling.  Many have found very effective work-arounds to these, but it should be noted that because selling services is an interpersonal affair, Shopify does not provide ALL the support necessary for a service provider selling their time and expertise.

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Shopify Services are an essential way to increase your brand’s online presence.  Make sure you include marketing as part of your promotional campaigns for any products you have and want to see flourish in the marketplace!  The right Shopify Service strategy can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence and increasing the demographic and purchases for your products! Be sure to learn more about Shopify Services today!

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