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Snapchat Marketing is an essential tool that, when used correctly, can significantly reach your target demographic in a productive way.  When Snapchat began, it was a cute little app that allowed users to play around, have fun, and send instantly-disappearing videos to your friends and general acquaintances.  It provided a spontaneous, on-the-spot communication that was fresh and fun, highlighting individual interaction. At first, it didn’t have much appeal for brands. This, however, is no longer the case.

Snapchat has grown exponentially since the dawn of its creation, with more and more businesses and brands getting involved and utilizing the platform to the utmost of its abilities.  Now, Snapchat has media formats, filters, ad formats, and so on, capitalizing on business and making it a prime candidate for advertising within the social realm.

Expanding your brand’s presence to Snapchat is an incredibly important facet of your marketing process.  Creating content for Snapchat is very particular, and not exactly like the way you would for your other social media portals.  Snapchatters like behind-the-scenes content – this is the key to getting more bang for your buck as far as consumers goes. You’ll want to show backstage video, in-the-making content, question and answer segments, and so on – Snapchatters love this authentic feeling they have, and it’s one the app encourages!

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Q:  What are the first things you should do as a business when beginning a Snapchat Marketing Campaign?

  • Set up a profile: Create an account on Snapchat – there is no difference between a personal account and a business account.  The only significant difference is that you need a business account to pay to run ads on the app. If you’d like to start slow and simply begin an easy marketing campaign, opt for a personal account to test the waters.

  • Create a custom Snapcode: to create one for your business account, go to your Settings and click on the ghost icon, then the gear icon in the upper right corner.

Q: How does Snapchat work?  How do I take a Snap?

  • Open Snapchat, and that should take you directly to the default screen, a.k.a. the camera screen

  • To take a photo, press on the round button at the bottom.

  • To take a video, press and hold down on the round button at the bottom

  • To reverse the camera (take a selfie) click the camera button with arrows going both ways in the upper right hand corner of the screen

  • To add stickers or animations, click the button that looks like a notepad at the top of the screen.  You can search particular subjects if you have a sticker in mind.

  • To add text, press the T button and start typing.  You can change the color of the text as well.

  • You can swipe right or left to bring you to the Chat screen or the Stories screen

Fun Facts about Snapchat:

  • Did you know that there are 186 million daily active Snapchat users?

  • Snapchat was started in 2012

  • More than 3 billion snaps are sent per day

  • Snapchat users view over 10 billion videos every day on Snapchat

Successful Snapchat Marketing can be a huge step towards establishing your online presence! Be sure to learn more about Snapchat marketing today!

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