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Social Media Advertising 101: The Basics

In today’s digital world, social media advertising is non negotiable.  Its importance cannot be downplayed and, as such, to be at the top of your game social media advertising must be mastered.

Let’s be honest: it’s harder than ever to get your content noticed online.  Social media advertising is a prime way to start making progress in this area.  Consequences of missing out on social media marketing can be dire, and can seriously effect whether a brand, site, company or individual succeeds or fails within the marketplace.  You’ve heard it said before – if you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist. This very mentality can and should be applied to brand strategy when setting up and preparing to execute any kind of campaign.  Put simply, social media advertising is a must.

Social media advertising, sometimes called social media targeting, is a campaign put in place to target certain demographics on social media platforms.  The campaign consists of advertisements, and in order to effectively carry out these campaigns, social networks can tap into user information to actually amplify advertisements that are proving relevant to their users.  The outcome is spectacular; when an advertisement is playing into a specific target market and demographic on a social platform, that social advertisement skyrockets, benefitting both advertiser and social network.

The benefits of advertising on social media speak for themselves:

  • Content marketing on social networks is one of the best strategies for its ability to yield backlinks and SEO traction

  • Influencer marketing can provide fast results due to the hype surrounding the influencer promoting your brand, product, or company.  Note, though, that this strategy is most effective on a per post basis

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Q:  What are the top social networks for Ecommerce advertising?

  • Facebook Advertising Strategy: Facebook is probably the most important platform for social ads.  This social network implicitly understands how to build audiences, target users, retarget groups depending on feedback information, and measure success for each advertiser.  Facebook ads must be budgeted so as to create a strategic process for your campaign. Another significant feature on Facebook is the Carousel ads. Carousel ads are popular and desirable because they expose users to more content and visuals than your regular old advertisement.  Finally, Carousel ads lower your CPC.

  • Instagram Advertising Strategy:  Instagram is probably the second most popular platform, since it’s so visual and aesthetically pleasing.  Facebook Ad Manager is used by Instagram which makes it a good second step in your process once you’ve set up your Facebook adverts.  It’s important to note that Instagram advertising is nuanced and a little more complicated than Facebook’s straightforward approach. Instagram uses video to create its most engaging content.  These videos can be displayed as regular posts, but the most popular method is by employing Instagram Stories. One Instagram Story on the right page, with the right links and redirection, can change your game.

  • Twitter Advertising Strategy:  Twitter is still a happening place!  Massive success can be found on this platform.  However, simply investing money on a campaign isn’t enough to give your brand the push it needs to really succeed on Twitter.  Tweeting the right content is just as important as the fuel you’re gassing up your tank with.

  • Snapchat Advertising Strategy:  Snapchat is all about demographics, and much like Instagram, it deals with video advertising.  Here, one must look into creating and scheduling ads the right way. Looking into filters is another hot-button topic for Snapchat advertising.

  • LinkedIn Advertising Strategy:  Finally, LinkedIn provides a well-rounded professional platform to advertise and tap into your brand’s marketability.  LinkedIn is known the world over as the largest professional network on the planet, and it definitely has its benefits as a social media platform for any advertiser ready to truly commit to their campaign.

  • Did you know that Facebook Ads were voted the top form of paid social media by digital marketers? When asked, 72% of them said they most often use traditional Facebook ads to get the job done.

    Q: What are the most important Facebook Advertising tactics?

    • Don’t run the same ads to all of your audiences

    • Use prospecting ads to build brand awareness and teach people about your product or brand: these ads are didactic in nature and are informative

    • Use emojis in ads, as they engage with your audience on a semiotic, symbolic level, and tap into the fun, quirky side of marketing

    • Always test new ads – never let your ads become fatigued on social media.


    Q:  What are the top 3 ways to manage your social media advertising campaigns?

    • Run your ad campaigns manually

    • Run your ad campaigns using an automated software

    • Hire a manager or services to run your ad campaigns for you

Ready for social media advertising ?

In conclusion, it’s important you run social media marketing campaigns to grow your business and establish your brand’s presence online.  Be sure to learn more about social media marketing today!

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