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Bet you didn’t know that 25% of the world’s websites run on WordPress.  Should you decide to employ this amazing platform for your website, there are many tools available to help you service the site and keep it running in spectacular fashion.  WordPress services are services provided by different platforms that allow you to manage, curate, and regulate the content on your website in a mindful and regulatory way.

Q: Why use WordPress services?  Can’t I just run my website myself?

Believe it or not, running a website takes a lot of work, and it’s not always easy.  This is one of the main reasons why so many websites fall by the wayside without actually living up to their potential on the net.  WordPress services are here to help. Using various WordPress services allows you to chill out, hit the beach or the court, and let the services themselves do the work.  Who wants to be stuck inside regulating a website on a beautiful day? WordPress services are here to help, and here to allow you to live your best life while your website runs.

Q:  What are the top WordPress services available to me?

  • WP Curve:  from $79 a month, WP Curve is one of the major players in WordPress maintenance and management.  The reason they excel is the fact that they have a diligent support staff who is always there to meet your site’s needs.  WP Curve offers a variety of small WordPress fixes which are delivered 24/7 right to your site. This round-the-clock service is part of what makes WP Curve such a brilliant success, and so attractive to its customers and users.  The process? Submit a job via email and then rest assured that the WP Curve staff is doing all the hard work for you. Different subscription levels (Standard, Professional, VIP) provide different levels of support and maintenance.

  • Valet:  Previously known as WP Valet, this service is another major go-to for WordPress users.  Valet also accepts non-WordPress clients, which is why they dropped WP from their name. However, managing WordPress accounts is still one of their greatest sources of revenue, and areas of expertise.  Depending on how much you’re willing to invest, Valet actually considers themselves your digital partner, and are committed to seeing your website flourish. Services include updates, security monitoring, site migrations, uptime reports, A/B testing, social media marketing, landing page, speed and conversion rate optimization, enhancing your SEO or PPC strategy, and finally maximizing your ROI.

  • WP Site Care:  Another contender from $79 a month, WP Site Care was founded by Ryan Sullivan and is another fantastic resource at the top of the WordPress services game.  WP Site Care provides 24/7 security monitoring of your site, as well as fixing any compatibility issues and constant updates to your WordPress website. You can communicate with WP Site Care through their “Walkie Talkie” tool on the WordPress dashboard, making communication between you and your site care provider even easier than sending an email.  WP Site Care also provides video tutorials, and operates with the goal of improving your website rather than simply maintaining it.

  • WP Maintainer: from $99 a month, WP Maintainer will provide support and maintenance.  This tool was founded by WordPress developer Andy Stratton and is a simplistic version of WordPress Services that strives to provide quality hosting and up-to-date routine maintenance of your WordPress website.

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  • The WP Butler:  with varying prices depending on the service you’ve decided on, The WP Butler provides maintenance packages, taking care of your WordPress website tasks.  The WP Butler customizes packages to you, so if you want to be flexible in how you operate and maintain your site, this tool may be your secret weapon. All packages include website restoration, complimentary security audits to first-timers, and the rest of the package is up to your curation.  You make the decisions with The WP Butler. Provider Dave Clements is a key part of the process, and you can even pay more to get his professional eye to give your website a quick scan every once in a while.

  • Maintain:  Maintain will give you WordPress services without tearing a hole in your pocket.  This is an affordable option for those who want a simple package of maintenance and servicing on WordPress.  From just $49 a month, you can have access to maintenance packages that will deliver WordPress core, theme and plugin updates, round-the-clock security monitoring and secure off-site backups.

Ready To Dominate Web ?

If your priority is ensuring the security and maintenance of your WordPress website, consider investing in WordPress services.  They’ll allow you to live your life with a peace of mind that reminds you your website is being looked after by professionals. Leave all the updates and security to them, so you can better focus on your content and your online presence.  Be sure to learn more about how to use WordPress Services today!

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