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We all know that social media has become an increasingly large, powerful marketing platform throughout this age of digitization. Whether with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or another channel easily accessible on laptops, desktops, and smartphones, social media serves as a seamless extension for companies’ communication, user interaction, and product promotion. Developing and maintaining strong media strategies, however, can often pose a challenge to some businesses, which is where Social Media 55 and our team of experts comes into play

Social Media 55 curates exceptional content for our clients’ various channels; through creating, designing, and planning customized websites and posts that capture consumers’ attention while showcasing the best of each business and brand, Social Media 55 maximizes exposure while freeing up our partners’ energy, attention, and time. The versatility and visibility of our work, particularly with our focuses on Facebook and Instagram, as well as through influencers, has made us one of the top Facebook Advertisers, an honor from Clutch that showcases our consultancy strength.

Clutch, the business research and reviews firm located in Washington, D.C., pores over a host of qualities and criteria when scoring and evaluating companies like Social Media 55 and our team. Through analyzing our market presence, industry experience, customer satisfaction, and more, Clutch produces rankings of the strength of businesses’ operations and performance.

With more than 20 reviews on our Clutch profile that attest to the success that our team has generated for clients of diverse sizes and industries, Social Media 55 greatly appreciates the support of our work that comes from both the professionals at Clutch and the clients with whom we’ve been able to collaborate.

As client Isaac Bitton, the vice president of Bijoux Eclore, shared, “They’re a great team that’s making something good happen for our company … I’d give them a 10 out of 10. They’re always on time and contact us consistently. We communicate via text and phone calls. They’ll often check in with us to offer updates and make sure we like their work. Rather than doing the bare minimum, they provide thoughtful feedback. Social Media 55 works quickly and knows what they’re talking about.”

“For a busy guy like me, Social Media 55 is the perfect agency. It’s easy to delegate marketing and focus on my business,” praised another client. “I’ve worked with several other marketing agencies in the past and Social Media 55 is much more attentive by comparison. They’re available whenever I need them. If a task is urgent, they pick up my phone call right away and get the job done … Social Media 55’s comprehensive levelof involvement is fantastic.”

We live in an age of constant updates and change, but with the staying power of social media, Social Media 55 is the top-pick team to help you make an impact. Our experts know how to best maneuver and plan exceptional Facebook and Twitter posts, and if you’re interested in additional services like Instagram, graphic and ad design, influencers, or photography, we’re one step away: Contact us here. Social Media 55 knows marketing, and we can’t wait to get started on a campaign together with you! Thank you to Clutch and our clients for their support.

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Subscribers who get Social Media 55 fresh content from us on a weekly basis

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