Top 5 Social Media Platforms in 2020


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In the age of digitization, we’ve seen a surge in online social interactions through the use of social media platforms and apps. Billions of users are able to connect online through a multitude of different applications… so how do you know which ones to use?! In this article, we’ve outlined our top 5 social media platforms in 2020. 


  1. Facebook

Facebook is easily the largest social networking site around the world. In fact, according to Business Insider they have over 2.3 billion users worldwide! 

Not only can you connect with family, friends and colleagues, but Facebook has a multitude of different features like Facebook Marketplace, which allows you to buy and sell pretty much anything you can think of.  

Additionally, Facebook is a great place to market or promote your business online. Creating and administering your business page is easy and with Facebook ads and analytics you can easily target a specific demographic audience and monitor the success of your ad. 


  1. Instagram

Instagram is a unique social media app and the first of its kind.  It is completely based on the sharing of photos and videos and allows its users to explore a variety of different filters to make their photos into works of art. Since its inception, Instagram has developed a variety of features like the story feature and IGTV, which allows you to broadcast and advertise live with real time viewers. 

We’ve all come to know and love a social media influencer; this is someone who has developed a following and their business all by uploading photos and advertisements for various companies – using Instagram! 

Of course, let’s not forget that Instagram gives us insight into the daily lives of our most beloved celebrity, or famous four-legged friend (we all follow one!) 


  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the go-to for social media application for businesses and young professionals. Whether you are looking to reconnect with people you studied with, worked with in the past or for your next career move, LinkedIn is the place to be. Available in over 20 languages across the globe with over 400 million members to date, LinkedIn is the social media platform to connect with different businesses and individuals or to locate and hire ideal candidates. 

On LinkedIn, once you’ve connected with someone, they can attest to your various skillsets and stay up to date with changes in your professional life. Your profile acts as an online resume for all those who view it – who knows maybe you just connected with your next boss!   

If you aren’t on LinkedIn, you should be! So sign up here


  1. Twitter

Twitter allows for users to post short messages called tweets. On Twitter, users are limited to 280 characters which means you have to be creative. 

Since it was created, Twitter has grown to incorporate features that allow you to upload photos, a GIF or a video in your tweet. You can even add trending hashtags to your tweet to increase your audience. 

Twitter is a great place to catch up on the news and various trends around the world. Everyone from your local media anchor to the President of the USA is on Twitter! 


  1. Tik Tok 

Last but not least, Tik Tok is a completely different take on social media applications. It is the first application to go completely viral in a long time. 

Tik Tok is a platform for sharing and making videos over another song with a 15 second limit. It is fit for all ages, and you can find videos for comedy, dance, of animals, sports, food and even vlogs.

Like other social media apps, users can follow, like and comment. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been a variety of Tik Tok Challenges, which urge users to participate in – you guessed it – challenges!  Tik Tok has attracted a wide variety of users, including celebrities and social media influencers like Reese Witherspoon and Jimmy Fallon

In a short period of time, Tik Tok has grown to over 400 million users worldwide

If you aren’t on Tik Tok, now is a good time to get in on the fun!  

Of course, we aren’t all social media guru’s so if you are looking for your next social media endeavor, or a great place to advertise make sure to ask our experts for a helping hand!

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